Club Mice | [CM] Memes Contest 2019 - Results

Hello little mice!

I know, we all like good memes. But how good are you at creating Transformice memes? If you are an expert in making memes get ready because... The Memes Contest 2019 has started!

How to participate?

  • Create your Transformice meme using an image editor. If you don't have one, we recommend you to use this page.
  • Save your meme on your computer.
  • Upload your meme to Micepix or Imgur.
  • Send the meme with which you are going to participate to Cmconcursos#7583 by private message on the forum with the subject "Memes Contest 2019 entry".


  • Memes must be related to Transformice or Atelier 801.
  • You can participate with a maximum of 10 memes. The more you send, the more likely you are to win.
  • It is preferable that you send all the memes with which you are going to participate in the same message.
  • The text of the memes must be written in Spanish or English.
  • The prize will be received by the winner's account, it will not be allowed to send the prize to another account.
  • There will be three winners in total.


  • First position: Shop item(s) whose value adds up to 500 strawberries.
  • Second position: Shop item(s) whose value adds up to 300 strawberries.
  • Third position: Shop item(s) whose value adds up to 200 strawberries.

The participation period begins today and will end next Saturday, May 11, at 23:59 (Central European Time). From that moment on, no more participations will be accepted. The winners will be announced on Saturday, 18 May here.

Good luck to you all!


After having voted all the memes you have sent, we already have the winners of the contest (click on the names to see the memes):

Congratulations to the winners! To receive your prize, you must send me a private message via the Atelier 801 forum or via Discord (adrovelas#1399). The finalists and the winner will have 14 days from today (May 18) to claim their prize. After those 14 days, they will lose the right to claim their prize.

If you haven't won anything, don't be discouraged, because in the next few days we'll bring a new contest!

Terminé mis memes e.e

Buena suerte a todos
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