Club Mice | [CM] Outfit Contest 2019 - Results

Hello little mice!

Get all your clothes out of the closet and all the ideas of your imagination because... the Outfit Contest 2019 has started!

How to participate?

  1. Choose the category you want to submit:
    1. Sports
    2. Animals
    3. Drag Queens
    4. Nintendo characters
    5. Professions
  2. Create your outfit on Transformice or use Transformice Dressroom.
  3. Save the outfit in your computer if you took a selfie on Transformice or download it if you used Transformice Dressroom.
  4. Upload the image of your outfit to Micepix or Imgur.
  5. Submit the outfit you are going to participate with to Cmconcursos#7583 by private message on the forum.


  • It is obligatory to be registered on Club Mice.
  • You can submit to as many categories as you want (by submitting to all you will have a better chance of winning than if you submit to only one).
  • You can submit a maximum of 3 outfits per category (therefore, if you submit to the 5 categories, the maximum number of outfits you can submit is 15).
  • Next to the images, you must indicate the category to which you are submitting.
  • It is preferable that you submit all the outfits together and not in different messages. (E.G)
  • You can only be a finalist in one category.
  • From each category there will be a finalist. (five finalists in total)
  • A single winner will be selected from the five finalists.
  • The prize will be received by the winner's account, it will not be admissible to send the prize to another account.


  • For each finalist, 3 cheeses for each look submitted (45 cheeses if you participate with 15 looks).
  • For the winner, 5 cheeses for each look presented (75 cheeses if you participate with 15 looks) and 400 strawberries to spend in the shop. The winner will not receive 400 strawberries, but will have to choose the items they want and we will send them as a gift.

The participation period begins today and will end next Saturday, April 6 at 23:59 (Central European Time). From that moment on, no more participations will be accepted. The finalists and the winner will be announced on Saturday, April 13 here.

Break a leg!


After having voted all the outfits you have sent (those outfits that didn't have a specified category have been disqualified), we already have the finalists (click on the names to see the outfits):

And the winner of the Outfit Contest 2019 is... Orianeytor24#0000!

Congratulations to the finalists and the winner! To receive your prize, you must send me a private message via the Atelier 801 forum or via Discord. The finalists and the winner will have 14 days from today (April 13) to claim their prize. After those 14 days, they will lose the right to claim their prize.

If you haven't won anything, don't be discouraged, because in the next few days we'll bring a new contest!