Club Mice is not run by Atelier 801, but by an independent group of players. The team members are volunteers and have no special power within the game because they are part of the Club Mice team. For a better organization, the team is divided into Administrators, Community Managers, Journalists and Translators.


Administrators make sure the site works properly. They are in charge of making changes to the website, looking for new journalists, holding contests, etc.

Community Managers

Community managers are in charge of helping the Club Mice community. They manage Club Mice's social networks, are attentive to the messages received by the contact form, run contests, keep the official Club Mice forum threads up to date, etc.


Journalists keep Club Mice's blog up to date. They write news and guides to Atelier 801 games, interviews and other articles of interest.


Translators are a group of users who collaborate with Club Mice in the translations of the website. Thanks to them, Club Mice is available in several languages.

Former members

We would like to thank all the people who have helped Club Mice and who unfortunately had to leave the team. They are, sorted by the date they joined and with the name used at the time they left the team:
How do I join the team?
To join the Club Mice team you will need to fill in this form. If we are interested, we will contact you by private message in the Atelier 801 forum. Remember that we can take several days to review your request and discuss it, therefore, if in a month you have not received a response, it will mean that your request has not caught our attention.